Our sweet, crunchy, juicy grapes are available July through December.

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Grapetastic Reviews

Read what our delighted grape fans have to say! 

Your grapes are delicious. Our first time buying! 

Geneva S., email

I love it when you bite into a green grape and it snaps with a crunch but the taste is sweet and flavorful. I will be keeping an eye out for your product and telling my friends about it from here on out.

Ian S., email Plano, TX

I purchased some of your grapes at a local grocery store here in Ocala, Florida. Just wanted to let you know that they were some of the best grapes I have ever ever had.

Patricia H., email

Today I bought some of your grapes and they are the sweetest and largest green grapes I have eaten in years! Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Dana R., email

We purchase Jasmine Green Grapes from the Spud Shed in Mandurah, Western Australia. We are delighted with the quality and taste of these grapes.

Russel D., email

Our Story

Jasmine Vineyards is a California table grape grower, located in one of the world’s most prized agricultural regions: the central San Joaquin Valley. Since 1947, Jasmine Vineyards has been producing “a cut above” quality grapes for consumers to enjoy, worldwide.

A third-generation family run business, Jasmine Vineyards offers fair wages, benefits and profit-sharing to our employees. We invest in cutting edge technology to minimize the environmental impact of our agricultural practices, and to ensure the highest standards of food safety.

We put our values into practice every single day, so that you and your customers can feel good about buying Jasmine Vineyards grapes!

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