Press Inquiries

Press Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in Jasmine Vineyards.


At this time, we ask writers to review the following information and guidelines before reaching out with questions.

  • Comprehensive company information can be found in our trade toolkit, updated biennially.
  • Real-time availability and current grape varieties can be found on our Fresh Alerts page.
  • Weekly updates, including Fresh Alerts are posted to our Instagram, Linkedin and Youtube pages.
  • Consumer updates & recipes are posted to our Facebook page.
  • Recent press articles are posted to our Grape News page.

Please direct inquiries about the US table grape industry to the California Table Grape Commission.

In 2020, Jasmine Vineyards is focused on the following topics:

  • Compostable and zero-waste packaging
  • Employee wellness through our partnerships (e.g. California Farmworker Foundation (CFF))
  • Collaborations with trade organizations (scroll to “Partners“)
  • Coordinating with retailers to promote healthy snacking and cooking for families
  • Connecting with health and wellness bloggers to spread “grape” ideas


Please include relevant links to our website and Instagram posts, embedding social media posts whenever possible. A good example can be found here. Send final drafts for approval to All Natural Agency.

Press contact

Please direct inquiries and requests for press releases to All Natural Agency.

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