Got a question about food safety? Ask Luis.

Luis Katsurayama is the Food Safety Manager at Jasmine Vineyards. “Food safety isn’t just a clipboard and a checklist,” he says. “It’s part of everything we do.”

 Routine field inspection

As the Food Safety Manager, Luis’ role is to ensure that the Food Safety Plan is established, implemented and maintained.  

“Food Safety is really an integral part of our business plan and structure,” says Luis. “We’ve developed a strict, all-encompassing Food Safety Plan here at Jasmine Vineyards, which exceeds industry guidelines.”

Jasmine Vineyards’ Food Safety Plan documents the safe farming, handling, and harvesting practices of their grapes. The plan also confirms their commitment to the development and improvement of food safety and quality. 

Luis works closely with the ranch managers to ensure all employees follow Good Agricultural Practices in effort to meet and surpass Jasmine Vineyards’ food safety objectives.

Together with the management team, Luis is responsible for:

  • Providing and maintaining a safe and clean working environment, safe equipment and safe tools.
  • Establishing and enforcing work rules and conduct.
  • Developing and conducting a continuing education program to promote safe and sanitary work habits.

Food traceability

Food traceability is the journey from production to storage to final product delivery. It essentially answers the question, “Where did these grapes come from, and how did they get here?”

In 2008, the Produce Traceability Initiative was started, in an effort to enhance traceability, thereby protecting public health in the event of food contamination.

“We heartily support these initiatives at Jasmine Vineyards,” says Luis. “And while we’re proud to say we’ve got an excellent safety record, we’ll always strive to exceed our own food safety standards.”

Got more questions about Jasmine Vineyards’ food safety or food traceability program? Call Luis at (661) 792-2141 or send him an email.

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