These Halloween Grapes Skewers make a healthy party snack & spooky treat!

Halloween Grape Skewers

6-8 Servings


6–8 Jasmine Vineyards Green Table Grapes
6–8 Jasmine Vineyards Red Table Grapes
6–8 Jasmine Vineyards Black Table Grapes
16 oz block orange Cheddar
16 oz block white Cheddar
6–8 pieces of prosciutto or smoked tofu
Bamboo skewers

1 Slice cheese into 1⁄2″ thick squares, then carve into shape of ghosts and
pumpkins (small cookie cutters may also be used).
2 Roll prosciutto into small rolls, or fold into little squares. If using smoked tofu,
cut into small cubes.
3 Place ingredients on the skewers, alternating shapes and colors.
4 Place skewers in decorative glass jar.
5 Enjoy your spooky treat!

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