During the dormancy stage of the grapevine cycle, our vines rest – but we’re still busy in the fields, getting ready for the next harvest.


Winter is the season of rest and renewal for our grapes. The temperatures here in Delano dip just above freezing, and the days are shorter, cloudy and often rainy. It’s the dormancy period of the grapevine cycle, but our field crew is still hard at work: training, pruning and grafting for next season’s crop.

Training & Pruning

Like training a Bonsai tree, pruning vines is a true art form. This centuries-old farming practice ensures maximum grape production, while maintaining Jasmine Vineyards’ signature “cut-above” quality and consistency – in size, flavor and crunch.

Lead foreman, Juan Garcia leads our field crew during pruning season.


Grafting – an agricultural practice dating back to 500 BC – is a time-consuming process of placing a shoot system (a scion) of one variety, onto the root system (a rootstock) of another.

Grafting allows us to change the grape variety without planting a new grapevine. Here’s one of our skilled workers grafting an old established wild root field with our new Great Green variety:

Watch it here

As you can see, our farming practices are still done “by hand” and require exceptional skill and patience.

We are proud of our dedicated field crew here at Jasmine Vineyards, who help grow 12 delicious varieties for our grape connoisseurs all over the world!

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