Happy July! School’s officially out and the summer fun begins. Two big events we want to focus on: The Fourth of July and the MLB All Star Game!

1. Fourth of July

A time for BBQs, outdoor fun and explosives in the night sky, we offer a full line-up of fancy cocktails (virgin & spiked) to celebrate noon and night:

California Grape Cocktail: a tangy, refreshing bubbly perfect for celebrating just about any occasion:

Grape Mojito: Roll up your sleeves and get your muddler out for this traditional Cuban highball à la Jasmine Vineyards:

Sparkling Hibiscus Tea with Grapes and Mint: Muddled grapes and mint with a touch of citrus makes this “tea” the perfect virgin cocktail:

2. Major League Baseball All-Star Game 2019

This year’s game happens in Cleveland, Ohio, though many of us will be parked on our couches, chomping on greasy chips, peanuts and popcorn, and washing it all down with beer… hold-on-a-minute! Do we really need an instant replay of last year?

For fans of the game and fans our own gut health, we’ve got a couple refreshing alternatives – even complements, if you like – to the standard baseball fare:

Platters Galore

You simply can’t go wrong with a healthy, colorful array of fruits, veggies, cheese and nuts. We’ve been collecting a whole slew of options on our Pinterest page.  Just grab some ideas, hit the grocery store, lay down a slab of wood and arrange as you wish. The food does most of the work here, especially, when you include the world’s best grapes.

Optional Awesomeness…

Korean Barbeque-Spiced Flank Steak and Grape Skewers

The grill’s on, so why not make some room for these sweet & savory skewers?  They’ll add some sizzle to your game, though be forewarned: you may be voted host next year, too.)

Once the food is taken care of, all you need is a giant pitcher of Grape Mojitos (recipe above). Then, kick back and enjoy the game – and your guests’ oohs and ahhs.

We hope these inventive delights make your July happenings even more celebratory.

Happy July, from all of us at Jasmine Vineyards!

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