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How do I set up a wholesale account?

Please contact our sales team at 661-792-2141.

Where can I buy Jasmine Vineyards grapes?

See Our Grapes for a list of retailers that carry our products. We also supply to a number of mid-sized and smaller stores nationwide, so be sure to call your grocer.

Are Jasmine Vineyards grapes available year round?

Our grapes are available July through January. The rest of the season our plants go dormant for pruning and resting.

Why buy Jasmine Vineyard grapes?

We know you have choices when it comes to buying fresh produce. When you include Jasmine Vineyards grapes on your shopping list, you can feel confident knowing about our excellent food safety record, our uncompromising quality, and our progressive California farming practices. Learn more here.

Do you make wine out of your grapes?

Nope! Our grape varieties (known as “table grapes”) are meant to be enjoyed as fresh fruit. The characteristics of Jasmine Vineyards fresh table grapes are sweet, crunchy, firm and seedless.

What are the health benefits of fresh table grapes?

We wrote a whole article on the topic!