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Grape Merchandising and Display Tips for Grocers

Grape Merchandising and Display Tips for Grocers

After years of category management trade research, the California Table Grape Commission has identified many proven strategies that can help boost grape sales. We at Jasmine Vineyards hope you find these tips useful! Receiving and Back Room Grape Handling Tips...

Staying True to Our (Conventional) Roots

Staying True to Our (Conventional) Roots

As a California fresh table grape grower for over 70 years, we at Jasmine Vineyards have seen a lot of wonderful trends in the food industry: the “foodie” movement, celebrity chefs taking center stage, recipe blogs, nutrition apps, and people of all ages bringing the...

Central Valley Pruning Contest Honors Vineyard Workers

Central Valley Pruning Contest Honors Vineyard Workers

DELANO, CA (January 16, 2019) - Central Valley Farmworker Foundation (CVFF) held its 1st Annual Central Valley Pruning Contest in Delano, California. Central Valley farmworkers had the opportunity to showcase their pruning skills and earn the title of "champion"...

Expansion Project Complete

Thanks to James McMurtrey and the crew at McMurtrey Lince for completing Jasmine Vineyards' cold storage project – within budget and deadline! Check it out: Like it? Let us know!

Jasmine Vineyards Expanding in 2017

Delano-based Jasmine Vineyards, Inc. is in its 5th month of a significant expansion project. The new cold storage plant, a 60,000 square foot unit, will give the grape producer the ability to cool and store over one million boxes of grapes.   “This is...

70 Years and Still Growing

Seventy years ago, two cousins acquired their first parcel of land in the Delano region of California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley. With the same passion for growing grapes as their ancestors before them in Croatia, Martin and Vincent Zaninovich began in Delano what...

Introducing Fresh Alerts

Happy Spring from Jasmine Vineyards! Known as a time of new growth, our Autumn King has started flourishing – coinciding with some new developments of our own! We're excited to offer our trade and retail partners our new Fresh AlertsTM service.  “We want our...

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