Retailer Tips for Valentine’s Day 2020

Retailer Tips for Valentine’s Day 2020

Retail displays and inspiration go hand-in hand on Valentine’s Day

Shoppers plan to spend an average of $196.31 on Valentine’s Day this year, according to the National Retail Federation.

Fresh flowers, fruit, chocolate, wine, cheese – sometimes just putting out a beautiful assortment of stock items sends the right message: bring home something special.

No need to rely on pre-packaged Valentine’s chocolates, stuffed bears or other SNL skit-inspired “gifts.” Instead, go with your own unique in-store display with an added personal touch, such as:

  • Chocolate fondue recipe card with the ingredients right there
  • Staff-recommended wine & cheese pairings
  • Local chef-inspired gourmet dinner recipes with shopping list
  • Top-selling Valentine’s Day items for shoppers needing a quick and easy (but thoughtful!) purchase
  • “Gourmet Valentine’s Day” banner with assorted delicacies
  • Spotlight on a local chocolatier or other artisanal goods

And as always, display contests can inspire staff to create eye-catching and profitable displays, no matter the season.

We hope these ideas help add a lively twist to your Valentine’s Day displays!

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