Some very kind words from you, our customers!


Your grapes are delicious. Our first time buying! 

Geneva S., email Winter Haven, FL

I love it when you bite into a green grape and it snaps with a crunch but the taste is sweet and flavorful. I will be keeping an eye out for your product and telling my friends about it from here on out.

Ian S., email Plano, TX

I purchased some of your grapes at a local grocery store here in Ocala, Florida. Just wanted to let you know that they were some of the best grapes I have ever ever had.

Patricia H., email Ocala, Florida

Today I bought some of your grapes and they are the sweetest and largest green grapes I have eaten in years! Thank you for such a wonderful product.

Dana R., email

We purchase Jasmine Green Grapes from the Spud Shed in Mandurah, Western Australia. We are delighted with the quality and taste of these grapes.

Russel D., email Mandurah, W. Australia

Best red grapes I ever ate.  Keep up the good work.

Paul S., email

Bought a bag of your green grapes at Bi-los this week, and they are so crisp and sweetly delicious! Just want to compliment you for such an outstanding tasty grape. Thanks again for a job well done!

Teresa F., email

These are the best tasting grapes I have ever tasted.

Ronald P., email Crescent City, CA

Your green grapes are delicious, thank you for growing such a fantastic product.

John D., email South Plainfield, NJ

Thank you so much for growing this excellent quality grape!

Selina L., email Richmond, BC Canada

J. Butterfield New Zealand

We had some very large green grapes from your vineyard this week in Massachusetts. Best grapes we ever ate.

Judith S., Facebook Massachusetts

I’m telling you, your black seedless grapes are the very best ever! Nice work!

Dawn G., Facebook

Just bought some big green seedless grapes at my New Hampshire supermarket and they are great. Thanks for a great job.

Paul L, email New Hampshire

Your grapes are by far the best grapes I've ever had. They're nature's candy. Thank you for sharing them with the world.

Holly S., email

I just purchased your black seedless grapes: wow! They are great! They have a very unusual crunch for a grape but very good. Thanks for producing such a great fruit.

Michele J., email

I found your grapes in a Market Basket last week and was surprised by the size. I was surprised again when I ate them. They are the BEST (red) grapes we have ever had!! I have been back to the store 3 times in a week to replenish, and each time I thought I might not find the same packaging. I hope this supermarket chain continues to sell your grapes. Amazing flavor, texture, size, satisfaction – thank you!!!

Ruth S., email Market Basket

These red seedless grapes are delicious, I am not sure if you can grow grapes to taste this good here in NH.

Ron D., email New Hampshire

Just wanted to say your black seedless grapes taste terrific, best I've had for many years! I am here in Sydney, Australia and purchased some through my local supermarket - great job.

Brian M., email Sydney, Australia

We live in Wisconsin and have to say your red grapes are outstanding. A great treat as fall is near they keep summer going.

Dan O., email Wisconsin

Just want to tell you that I think your dark purple grapes are spectacular. You must be very proud of being able to grow such large bunches of big beautiful terrific tasting grapes.

Al S., email

I just wanted to let you know I purchased 2 lbs of your Jasmine green seedless grapes and they are the best, biggest, juiciest grapes I have ever had in my life.

Sherri F., email Winn Dixie, Florida

I purchased your green and black grapes at our local Winn Dixie store in Cape Coral, Florida. They were simply the best of the entire season. Fabulous taste and crisp to the bite. 

Leonard P., email Cape Coral, Florida

Just a note from Miami, Florida, pretty far for a green grape to go, they are EXCELLENT. 

Dr. Mark, email Miami, Florida

OMG. Just got some of your green grapes. HUGE. TASTY. Probably the best grapes I've ever tasted! SOOOO good! Keep selling to Florida!

Donna C., Facebook Florida

I just wanted to drop you a quick email from Long Island, NY to tell you how much I enjoyed a bag of your grapes for lunch. They were huge & fresh.. some of the best I ever had.

Pastor Jim, email Long Island, NY

We bought some of your grapes from a local store where we live in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada and they were very good. Will buy more.

John D., email Nanaimo, BC, Canada

I have never written to a food company regarding its product before but I had to thank you for providing the world with delicious grapes. Every year, since I first discovered them offered for sale here in Hawaii, I've purchased your red grapes and they have never ceased to amaze me with their flavor, size, and consistent quality. I also enjoyed reading about your company history – immigrants make this country great. Thank you again for your great products.

Avis O., email Hawaii

Heart of Texas enjoying your grapes – wow, best we have had!

Glenda Texas

Just wanted to let you know that I have never cared much for grapes until I tried yours. They are so sweet, I don't even eat deserts when I have them. Great work!!!


I love your products. They taste amazing and the price is great!!


I bought your grapes yesterday and they were the largest and tastiest we ever had. Great product.


Bought your black seedless grapes at Publix supermarket in FL. They were the most amazing grapes I have ever tasted, not too sweet, firm and meaty pulp. Appearance was pleasing, rich even color and consistent shape. Must be from antique heirloom grape vines from your orchard. Cannot compare with those foreign grapes.

Andrew Publix, Florida

Just had your red seedless grapes - BEST grapes of the year. Never noticed the brand or vineyard name on grapes before – will now keep my eyes open for Jasmine.


Just wanted to send a short email to tell your company how much I love your grapes. In this day and age with things constantly changing, it's great to see a company so consistently great with the quality of their items. Please keep up the fine work you do, you have found some very loyal customers. 


I purchased your green grapes last week & I must tell you that these are by far the absolute BEST I have ever eaten!! Large, sweet & crisp ? Grapes are my go-to snack food plus I love them in my famous chicken salad. I have consumed a lot of grapes in my 63 years & yours are truly the best!! I have already spread the word among friends and family. Thank you....keep up your excellent work!!

Sharon Winn Dixie, Florida

Just wanted to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and say thank you for such delicious grapes you grow for us. I'd rather wait and enjoy something that's grown here in United States than from all these other countries. Thank you once again and God bless you and yours.


I am on my 4th bag of your Black Seedless Grapes!  They are so sweet and delicious. I eat them INSTEAD of chocolate! When I am eating them, I feel like I should be enjoying a warm loaf of bread and cheese with a friend in Italy or France.  These are by far the best grapes I have ever eaten in my life! (and I'm 65 years old, so that's saying something!) THANK YOU SO MUCH for ALL your HARD WORK bringing them to us!


I've just bought some of your grapes from my local supermarket. I want to let you know they are beautiful and crunchy. We are in the middle of our summer and our weather just now is very hot around 25 degrees Celsius or around 77 Fahrenheit. Keep up the good work and I'll be back to the supermarket tomorrow for more!

Ross, New Zealand

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