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900g Field Bags
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1 lb & 2 lb Clamshells
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1 lb & 2 lb Punnets
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500g Stand-up Pouches
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125g GrapesToGo™
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125g Sealed Bag

500g Sealed Bag

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We offer a wide assortment of bags, sealed pouches, clamshell and punnets.
TWO NEW OPTIONS: Loose Pack Grapes – our zero-waste bunches; and Compostable Clamshells – our backyard compostable, corrugated clamshells.

Loose Pack Grapes – NEW!

Compostable Clamshells – NEW!

900g Field Bags

500g Sealed Stand-Up Pouch

125g Single-Serve GrapesToGo™

1 lb & 2 lb Clamshells

1lb & 2 lb Sealed Punnets

POS Display Box

Full line of packaging


Introducing GrapesToGo™, the latest addition to the Jasmine Vineyards’ brand. We are excited to help retailers meet consumer demand for healthy, whole food snacks with our delicious, seedless, California-grown grapes.

125g GrapesToGo™

On-the-vine fresh. Resealable. 100% California-grown.

They’re not just cute!

Smart snackers love these perfectly-portioned treats from nature.

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Our Labels

More than seventy years ago, cousins Martin and Vincent Zaninovich acquired their first parcel of land in the Delano region of California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley. Our labels tell a visual history of the Jasmine Vineyards brand.

“M&V” EST. 1947. Named for founders Martin and Vincent. True to Jasmine Vineyard’s mission, a straightforward representation of the company.

“Vinmar” EST. 1947. Named for founders Vincent and Martin, and in keeping with the approach of simplicity and easy recognition – on the produce terminal floor and beyond.

“Havren” EST. 1952. Named after the first parcel of land purchased in 1942, the Havren Homestead. The Havren railroad crossing on the land parcel was evoked via the railroad tie typeface.

“Jasvine” EST. 1991. A compilation of the company name Jasmine and Vineyards, the Jasvine label served emerging markets requiring label distinction.

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